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Minor usage enhancements

Post by lordcanty »

Hi, I wanted to suggest a few things:

- accept 0xN hex notation
I often paste numbers like 0x43234523 in search/goto/select block, but aren't accepted by the validation, so I have to manually remove the "0x" part.

It'd faster/easier if HxD could recognize this standard notation and ignore the 0x. You could add an option if you think it may be problematic enabling it by default.

- don't validate "select block" until pressing ok
When I paste number mixed with 'text' (like 0x23) in one of the fields I immediately get "the entered number contains an invalid digit". Other functions like search/goto only validate when pressing "ok".

I think it should work just like search/goto for consistency.

- copy/paste from data inspector
Sometimes I highlight/copy a little endian value (say 0x00120100), but I transform it to big endian so it's easier to read (0x00011200). Right now I manually do this: highlight data > click on data inspector > copy int32 value.

It'd be useful if there was a command (like shift+ctrl+copy?) to copy the currently highlighted data inspector field. Or perhaps, a command to set cursor from standard data view to data inspector (shift+tab?), so I can move it to int32 and copy (or both commands).

- add bookmark menu
I didn't even knew bookmarks (ctrl+0-9) existed until I checked the readme short ago. They are so useful! You should add a menu so it's easier to find out about them.

Perhaps you could add a "open readme" in help menu too, and/or a list of 'hidden' commands (like ctrl+tab changes tabs, not listed anywhere).

Thanks for keeping HxD alive!

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