Just saying: Thank You.

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Just saying: Thank You.

Post by haicksde »

I Just came here to thank the developer for giving a fine peace of software to me for free :-)

I use this software from time to time (about 5x in 2 years), and when I use it, it does everything what it should do!

Today was such a day and I was curious, if there would be an update, because the version I had was rather old. with copyright from 2008, so I clicked the "update button", but it gives a failure (I guess my Firewall was blocking...), so I came to the WebSite to just see where was a newer Version from 2009.


I found the forum and -just out of curiosity- I was looking for the latest entries, and was surprised that a last message was from this month....

I have nothing to complain and do not which any new feature or extended, so I just say thank you again dear developer for continously working on this program such a long time :-)
hope you feel well in real life too...

have a good time and keep up the good work!
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Re: Just saying: Thank You.

Post by Maël »

Thanks, it's nice to get such feedback :)
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